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Buy Rouleur magazine in France

31 Jan

We are pleased to announce that from issue 36 you will be able to buy Rouleur magazine from our shop in Bourg d’Oisans. The perfect read after a hard day in the saddle in and around Alpe d’Huez

Rouleur Magazine 36


Flemish author Herman Chevrolet's book Het feest van list en bedrog details the dealmaking and double-crossing that have existed throughout professional cycle racing's long and chequered history. Olivier Nilsson-Julien joins Chevrolet to take us through the pick of a very large crop, from 1904 Tour riders catching trains to Lance Armstrong's
$1m bonus in the appropriately named Thrift Drug Triple Crown…

The slyness and betrayal theme surfaces again – as does Mr Armstrong –  in Herbie Sykes' uncut interview with Paul Kimmage. The Irish journalist has been battling doping in the sport for over 20 years. He's still fighting. Can the Change Cycling Now movement finally make a difference?

Tony Martin's dramatic year of broken bones, Olympic medals and World Championship titles will not be forgotten in a hurry. David Sharp finds the time trial specialist in good spirits, while Timm Kolln records the battle scars.

Ned Boulting waxes lyrical on the Revolution track series, Guy Andrews follows up with the Madison Genesis team on their new steel-framed race machines, Jordan Gibbons gets to see Lightweight's sexy carbon wheels being made in Germany and Andrew Curry travels further east to the Czech Republic to talk cyclo-cross with Zdenek Stybar.

Also featuring regular columnists Matt Seaton, Paul Fournel, William Fotheringham and Johnny Green.