bone-shaker issue #12

31 Jul

The new issue of bone-shaker has arrived. bone-shaker magazine offers a different perspective to the normal cycling magazine/reportage. There are no adverts, no articles about professional cycling and most certainly no “best bike under £XXX…”. The magazine has numerous contributors all detailing the wacky & wonderful things that may be done with bicycles.

Favourite articles in this issue include;

  • Lake-jumping – “Derek enjoys putting on his wetsuit and the feeling of a crash landing in a chilly lake” – need I say more?
  • Roads were not built for cars – a historical outlook on the importance of bicycles throughout the last couple of centuries.
  • Railbiking – another historical look at pedal-powered rail vehicles and concluding with modern-day designs.

This is just my selection of articles from bone-shaker #12. The articles are so numerous and diverse there is surely something for all tastes!!


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