Alpe d’Huez first timers

30 Aug

Everyone thinks that they have to be super fit and super fanatical to ride Alpe d’Huez but maybe you just have to be keen and prepared to sweat a bit! Two PROMPT customers took the plunge yesterday and achieved much more than they anticipated. Steve surprised himself with a steady and very controlled climb up the mountain and young Sam, at fourteen, realised that all that time on the BMX bike had prepared him better than he thought and by the top he was beginning to have the look of an experienced cyclist as he kept up a good rhythm to the finishing line. Steve and Sam both completed the climb in under two hours and proudly bought themselves celebratory jerseys at the top. Their PROMPT bikes, fitted with triple chain sets and low gears, helped them achieve their first ascent of the Alp. They will definitely be back for more!


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