11 Feb

First ride this week of the new PROMPT D211 road bike. I took in Les Deux Alpes and Alpe d’Huez. So what can i say about it. Well its seriously light must be close to 7KG – although it is dripping with SRAM RED. Its understated but thats how i like my bikes. More importantly the ride was as good as any other high end carbon frame that I have ridden. It was direct when you put the pedals down hard – helped by the thicker chainstay – it steered very confidiently into the alpine switchback bends of Alpe d’Huez and Les Deux Alpes. The thinner seatstays coupled with the prompt handlebars certainly took a lot of the buzz out of the roads as well. I am looking forward to a summer season of touring on it with our guests here in Alpe d’Huez.


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